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Soil Microbiome Analysis

Take a deeper look into your soil

What is a soil microbiome analysis?

This lab test assesses the diversity of microorganisms active in your soil and their balance, allowing you to understand the health and fertility of your soil as well as how your microbiome aligns with your desired crop production. 

What's included:

  • Identifying which microbes are present and in what quantity

  • Bacterial and fungal biomass measurements and their ratio

  • Diagnosis of disease-causing or parasitic microorganisms

  • What types of plants are most suitable for your soil 

  • What microbes are needed to align your soil microbiome to your desired crop 

  • Overall nutrient cycling and fertility assessment

Repeated tests make it possible to track the development of the microbiome, to quantify change and progress towards the balance that is aligned for the needs of your crop.

What does this service include?

  • A sampling kit along with specific instructions on how to collect samples will be sent to you.

  • You book a time with our lab and we will send a courier to retrieve your samples and kit.

  • We perform the assessment and email you a Microbial Biomass Report outlining the results.

  • You book an online video call with our lab to discuss the results.

This service is for you if you want to:

  • Gain a better understanding of your soil

  • Reduce production costs

  • Assess the quality of compost, compost tea, compost extract or any other biological amendments

  • Assess the impact of the current inputs you are using

  • Gain information on which crop types will work best in your soil

  • Convert your operation to organic

  • Determine your soil fertility and the overall health and productivity of your soil

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Get to know your beneficial microorganism

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