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חקלאות מחדשת

Restoring Soil Life

Growing healthy plants starts with a healthy soil microbiome

"There is no soil that lacks nutrients to grow plants.
Rather, many soils lack the proper sets of micro
organisms to convert nutrients in soil into a form that plants can use"

Dr. Elaine Ingham, founder of the Soil Food Web School

אדמה בריאה

ReGen uses soil microbiome analysis and biological fertilizers to regenerate and manage the microbiome in your soil, creating resilience and health in your crops that save you money on inputs

Products & Services

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Soil Sample

Sample your soil using our kit in key spots according to aspects such as weed pressure, disease, low yield, etc.


Soil Lab Analysis

Schedule a lab microbiome analysis and send your sample kit to us via courier.

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Fertilizer Match

According to your test results and desired crop, we will match the biofertilizer for your soil (coming soon...)

Image by Immo Wegmann

Healthy Crop

Our biofertilizers restore the life in your soil, providing the nutrition your crops need, leading to healthier growth, resilience to stress, and higher nutrient density.

חקלאות ביולוגית

Fostering soil and the transition to 
Regenerative Agriculture

The Team

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Assaf Benharroch

Lab technician

Assaf studied soil science at the Soil Food Web School and is a certified lab technician. He is also the Art Director at Studio Poink and the creator of this award winning clip.

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Dor Oppenheim

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dor is on a mission to shift the food system towards a regenerative system. He is experienced in founding startups and businesses working to reimagine food and how we grow it.

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LyOr Rabinowiz

Co-Founder & Chief Regeneration Officer

LyOr is an ecological entrepreneur training as a Soil Food Web consultant. He cofounded ReForest and Miyawaki IL and sits on the board of The Israeli Regenerative Agriculture Nonprofit.


Alexander Mikheev

Customer development and marketing manager

Alexander has worked on organic and conventional farms in Russia and Israel in senior positions. He shoots a blog about agriculture on YouTube. Believes that healthy soil will save the world.

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Dan Shazar

Lab technician

Dan is certified in soil microbiome lab analysis following Dr. Elaine Ingham's methods of the Soil Food Web School. He believes Regenerative Agriculture can restore soil health worldwide.

Soil grass and roots

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